Data Security

People have many important and personal details and documents. These can include car registration, driver's licence, passport and credit cards. If they were stolen it could cost money and trouble. The electronic copies of this information are commonly stored as digital data. For example, your credit card details are stored in the information system of every business that you have purchased from. You assume, or hope, that these businesses would take as much care as you do with these details, as it is very important to keep these details private.
Businesses, government departments, and any organisation that needs to store personal data on employees, customers or citizens, have a responsibility to protect that data. Unfortunately in many cases, they fail to meet this responsibility. A common security problem involves storing personal and confidential data in standard database files, word processing and spreadsheet documents, without locking the files or the computer. Anyone who can access the computer can access the files.

The security of storage systems is a major issue with information systems.