Hardware for Collecting Numbers

Barcode Readers:

This is the most common way for collecting numerical data. A barcode has patterns of long black lines and is on every manufactured product. It is used to log items in storage for warehouses, is relied on heavily for posting our mail and used on our luggage for a flight
A barcode is read by a barcode reader which can be a scanner or a wand which uses a light source and detector which is converted into digital data by software on a computer system.


Data Loggers:

These are recording devices that collect and store numerical data for an information system. Measuring devices and counters suc h as barcode
readers, traffic counters and temperature sensors use data loggers to store the data that they collect independently. The loggers does not have to be permanently
attached to the information system because the data can be collected from it at a later time.



Keyboards also collect numerical data as ‘text’ as when numerical
data is entered into a keyboard it is entered as text and then is converted to numerical data.