Software for Collecting Images, Video and Audio

Images and Video

Digital cameras and optical scanners collect bit map data. The software to control how they collect their data is just as important as hardware that collects text and numbers.

Factors that will affect the image size and quality are:
Dpi (dots per inch): the number of image measurements made every inch of the scanned image.

Image type: controls the number of different colours that will be detected.
Images can be collected from the Web using a web browser. The only standard formats that work on all browsers are JPEG and GIF.

A paint program stores data about every pixel in an image bit map which can be entered via a mouse or graphics tablet.
A drawing program collects data about the lines and shapes that you have placed in the drawing. No data is stored describing any of the pixels this allows any part of the object to be altered without affecting anything else.


A variety of software can capture audio that are supplied with a computer such as ‘sound recorder’ but there are more sophisticated audio digitising software available like Audacity .