Storing and Retrieving

HSC Information Processes and Technology Preliminary Course Syllabus: Storing and Retrieving


  • storing and retrieving

– the two-step process by which data or information can be saved and reloaded to allow for:
– other processing to take place
– a temporary halt in the system
– backup and recovery
– the transfer of data or information

  • hardware for storing and retrieving

– hardware devices
– the characteristics of hardware, including:
- random or sequential access
- volatile or non-volatile
- permanent or non-permanent

  • the trend to faster and greater storage capacity over time
  • software for storing and retrieving

– file management software . yes
– database management systems . yes
– file formats for different data types
– Internet browser
* used to access a machine-independent data store . yes
* using search engines to access data . yes
– encryption/password protection
– security of stored data whether stored centrally or distributed

  • non-computer tools, including:

– paper based storage systems
– microfiche
– libraries

  • social and ethical issues, including:

– the security of stored data
– unauthorised retrieval of data
– advances in storage and retrieval technologies and new uses such as data matching