The Collection Process

The Collection Process

Data must be collected from somewhere so that it can be analysed and dispalyed by an information. The process of collecting involves information technology and decisions.

Information technology

  • Hardware and Software


  • What to collect
  • How to collect it
  • Where to collect it

Example of this

How and What to collect :

  • An automated traffic counter can count how many vehicles use the road per hour.
  • can count passengers and vehicle types.


  • data collection points along the road and on exit and entry roads.

- Frequently the data willl be provided by another information system and you dont get to chose what, how or where you collect the data.

Eg. a web search engine , you tell it what to collect but not how or where.

Different Types of Data

Original Data:
• numbers and text from data recorders
• Unedited images, audio and video recordings.

Second-hand data:
• Published summaries, tables of figures, graphs, maps, web pages
• Enhanced images such as those made from radar and temperature data
• Animations and computer-generated images

Devices that send data to information systems can be very simple (keyboard) or very complex (such as a complete information system).

*The web can display can display original image, audio and video data but you have no guarantees that any of these data types have not altered.

The data collection process of a web search engine:


Your search request is received, analysed and processed by the information system which retrieves data from a huge database and organises it into a format that is transmitted to your computer. This is an example of a complex device that is used to collect data.